Romancing the "Stone"

Remember that treasure-hunting movie with Michael Douglas? It was a classic, but before I go there, has anyone noticed how many times the word “stone” appears in the book The Thrill of the Chase? Eighteen to be precise and most of them deal with Forrest Fenn’s love of Yellow-“stone.” This infatuation with Yellow-stone is highly correlated to the destination of many searchers. As many of those who read my book Finding Forrest Fenn, know that I believe the puzzle is set up for searchers to fail at first and then we learn. Set up with Yellow-stone and then we fail and then we learn. So what is it we can learn from Yellow-stone?

Well, as I demonstrated in my book, there a pattern consistent with the magician’s sleight of hand. Many know that a magician will distract your attention with something obvious and subtly create an illusion that appears magical in nature. Mr. Fenn ever admits that his hints are subtle so what is the distraction and what is the subtle hint beneath that creates the illusion?

I believe many would agree the Yellowstone is the distraction and by Fenn’s own admission the hints in the book are only subtle, thus Yellowstone can be illuminated. Ah, but there must be a reason to use Yellowstone in the illusion, right? Assume for a moment that Mr. Fenn’s distraction and hints are related. This what is it about Yellow-stone that could be could be related to the hint/chase? How about the word, “stone?” Maybe the key is the word stone. Mr. Fenn has emphasized key in the past. There is a term “key-stone” used in architecture and we know Forrest said he felt like an architect making that poem.

I had referenced clever deception behind “stone” before in my book and in my cancer theory where I suggested “AS” (As I have gone alone in there) is arsenic the yellow-stone used to make bronze and linked to kidney cancer (the type that Forrest had). This is very interesting when on considers the next letter is “I” and from the periodic table that is iodine which is known as the “purple-stone” and we have suspiciously witnessed Mr. Fenn’s use of the colour purple before. And both colours here in The Thrill of the Chase: “Why do the yellow and purple flowers flourish where no one is there to see?”

Forrest talked about those “slicks” of jade bringing good luck, but the truth about jade slicks is that they are related to curing kidney stones. Yet another chase related coincidence: kidney and stone.

Mr. Fenn related the chase to the pride of the person who made the Rosetta-“stone” and how they would feel if they knew it was discovered 2000 years after it was made. The Rosetta “stone’ was key to deciphering the hieroglyphics and Mr. Fenn has curiously mentioned the Egyptians and Moses before. It is important to not that the Rosetta stone was also a stele or a monument. When Forrest says the “location is huge,” does he mean huge literally and figuratively as in “monumental” or stele like monument?

There is one thing missing from all this theory: “romance.” Yes Forrest is a romantic and the periodic table is far from romantic. So where is the romance? Well we know Mr. Fenn loves to name drop and hobnob with the stars. We know the “stars” have been hinted in the past and we know one of these stars even appeared in a picture with Forrest Fenn. His name is Michael Douglas. He was the star of “Romancing the Stone.” Now I am not questioning Mr. Fenn’s polarity as he did with Frosty (we will talk about that later), but I am suggesting the star of Romancing the Stone could point the way. Consider this subtle hint from The Thrill of the Chase: ““one of my natural instincts is to embellish just a little.” What is another way to say “natural instinct?” “Basic Instinct” of course and we know Michael Douglas starred in that movie with another famous star Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone was famous in that movie because of her “peak a boo” genitalia scene, but she claims the movie people lied to her and she stormed out of the prescreening room when she saw the famous clip and slapped the director. So this begs the question, is this the illusive “Movie that lies to you?”

Not convinced yet, how about Forrest’s strange scrapbook, “Peek-a-Boo” Art

Where he “acts” paranoid about strange critters appearing in the marble-“stone” looking at him nude. Know of any other “Stone” that appeared nude at age 57 just a few months prior to that scrapbook post?

Ok, now that I have your attention, or should I say Sharon Stone has your attention, lets talk about Fenn’s closet before moving on. Remember that peculiar closet secrets story with all those jeans, shoes and hats. Wait a minute, didn’t he also say in the previous shower scrapbook, “so I don’t dare shower without my jeans on?” Sure the subtle hint here is “Peggy Jean” but is there an “in the closet actor by the name of Jean or Gene that we should also consider. How about one that lives in Santa Fe and is the same age as Forrest Fenn? How about one who was a closet homosexual in the movie, “No way out?” That’s right Gene Hackman.

I know you are ready to storm out the door claiming I wasted your time, but bare (pun intended) with me for a minute. Remember that really subtle hint in The Thrill of the Chase that is now got everyone’s attention? You know the picture of the axeman staring at the moon. Perhaps that “axeman” is a “Hackman” – Gene Hackman and we know there are many moons that hang out nude in the bathroom. Ok so the last part is a joke, but it fits, as funny as it is.

Ok, time to get serious. Remember Forrest posing as photos of “Billy the Kid?” What movie stared Gene Hackman and Sharon stone that featured a character called “The Kid” that has a poem related word in the “title?” One that could give you “title to the gold?” “The Quick and the Dead” of course. Many have wondered why the word “quickly down” rather than just “down.” My sun casting theory can help to explain it but if I know Fenn the architect like I believe I do, then there is another meaning to “quick.” Of course “the quick and the dead” came from the Apostle’s Creed, which has a religious undertone, but Forrest claims he is not religious but rather spiritual.

So what is it about that movie “The Quick and the Dead?” It stars Gene Hackman as Herod (Egyptian link to Moses) and Sharron Stone. So what is really cool is the name of the gun slinging character of that movie – yup – non other than “The Lady.” From that movie’s sound track, "Lady's the Winner,” reminds me of Forrest curious Mysterious Writings posts:

“I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”

So is Sharon Stone, “The Lady” and star of “Basic Instinct” that important “broad” that no one has considered yet?

Boy wouldn’t that be nice to find “The Lady” at the end of those nine clues, or better yet, at the end of the clue “quick?” Kind of hits you right in the “heart” doesn’t it?

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