Star Spangled Banner is "Whet"

Not everyone is a scrapbook hint fan, but many will agree that the aberration filled scrapbook 107 is different. It comes down to that envelope and those twisted telephone wires.

“Pushing the envelope” is something that chuck Yeager was doing when he broke the sound barrier. He had the “right stuff” and the aircraft he flew in was the Bell X1 (there was another Bell (Alexander Graham Bell) was a man who also invented the telephone and Canada’s first aircraft.

On the corner of that envelope was a floating stamp, the same stamp used in Scrapbook 132


That stamp was produced to celebrate “The Star Spangled Banner.” Ok he used it twice, so is there anything that is poem/chase related? The Star Spangled Banner is also a symbol of the War of 1812, which was the motivation behind the USA national anthem written by Francis Scott Key. Is he the “key” behind Fenn’s words, “a word that is key?”

The war of 1812 is very famous in Canada as it was the one was in which we defeated the USA. However “the bombs bursting in air and the flag was still there” was based on the weather flag surviving the battle and thwarting the Canadian attack. That battle in which the flag flew and survived was at Fort McHenry. Fort once wrote a story about Kingston and the P-51 fighter aircraft and it is interesting that Kingston has a Fort Henry that was build to defend Kingston during the War of 1812.

That is interesting but Fort McHenry was built on the site of the former Fort Whetstone. I find that pretty interesting especially when Mr. Fenn says the treasure is wet so if we “listen good” could the treasure be “Whet” as in “Whetstone?”

I am biased with my Canada and the home of Brown connection, so I leave it to you to tell me what the Star Spangled Banner and a Fort McHenry/Whetstone really has to do with the treasure…

Where else is the start spangled banner flying in salute to the chase?

Riddle: I wave all day but I never tire - what am I? Ans "flag"

Did Mr. Fenn "wave" the flag until he was "tired" as the poem says: "I've done it tired and now I am weak"

This riddle does create an interesting connection to my wave theory:

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