The Sine Wave and (Ω,t,f,2π)

I had a wave theory I was once going to write about but never had the time. Ok maybe now is a good time, speaking of time: Time magazine in ”Important Literature (TTOTC)” has been considered an aberration. Recently his words of wisdom awkwardly hint at time –“It will be there for as long as time has to come, or until you find it.” Mr Fenn signs his emails with “f” not F but just “f” he says it saves keystrokes. But then in scrapbook 23, he suspiciously sends Dal a single ‘f’ carved in a tree, which recently has been destroyed by whether (indicating it is not a blaze as originally most felt). Peaks and valleys remind me of Summits and Valleys. He even drives a ‘Summit’ series Jeep. His church is in the mountains and valleys, etc. The actual definition of colophon (which is marked by his suspicious ΩΩ) means “summit.”

In TTOTC he mentions Grandma broke two pies when she saw him so he could buy them cheap. What is the aberration, other than he changed the name from the original story from Mary to Grandma? Why break two pies when he isn’t going to eat two? What is the significance of two pie or 2π? It is the fundamental part of describing a circle but it also describes many wave equations (sin waves, etc). Many searchers have obsessed about T.S. Eliot’s circular reference that Mr. Fenn has quoted. Ω or ω is also important in describing waves. We all know about the excesive number of "w"s in the poem and the peculiar ΩΩ in the colophon, which translates to "summit"

Then he said his book contains exactly 28,800 words. Since the book doesn’t contain exactly that many words, lets look up the significance of 28,800 and Moby Dick (Dickens where he launched his book) and read about Moby Duck and the north Pacific Gyre and one will see waves and the Coriolis effect at work which is very important to that little ant who allegedly circles around trees in different directions depending on earth’s hemisphere.

Many have focused on Mr. Fenn’s love of fishing and feel it is apart of his solution, but fishing is also called “angling” thus perhaps he his fishing reference is hinting at angles. So where does all this f, Ω(ω ), π gibberish lead?

The angular frequency of a wave is: Ω(ω)=2πf and actually Ω is lower case omega (ω) used in the sine wave formula: sin(2πft) f: frequency, t: time, Ω: angular frequency

Now that aberration – the misspelled “e” on his bell and reference to Einstein, who was the first to postulate light is not just a wave but a particle as well. Einstein is also famous for his The poem’s line: “why is it that I must go”. Why or “Y” is often used in math functions to represent “f” and ‘i” and ‘e’ are used together in conjunction to represent a wave in complex math . The ‘i’ represents the imaginary part and we all know Mr. Fenn says we need to use our imagination. In complex math there is a real part and an imaginary part (because we can’t take the square root of a negative number). Recently, Mr. Fenn said at Jenny’s ‘When they tell you it isn’t real, remember, it’s still real.’ So is the real in reference to this complex math?

Now what travels in waves? Angular frequency is measured in radians and Mr. Fenn has hinted to "radiator”, radiate before - so could he be hinting at radians or radial direction? Angular frequency is also used in conjunction with the spring constant (cars have springs) when analyzing oscillating wave motion. There have been several car hints before, so could this be the link? If so, the powerful word ‘Spring’ comes to mind. My previous ‘Prediction’ post explains in detail how Spring will cast the shadow on the treasure. Ask yourself why did Mr. Fenn cast his shadow on his book "too far to walk". Notice also he did not use capital letters for his title. So does this ‘title’ lead to the gold, by pointing to the lower case Ω or ω angular frequency signaling Spring.

Also remember Mr. Fenn was trained as a radar technician because that was his natural aptitude - Radar is synonymous with waves. Is it possible that Mr. Fenn is concealing the fact with those stories of "Fs" in school when he was selected by the Air Force based on his natural ability to understand radar waves? Radar uses radial direction to determine target position. Radial is angular direction of which a target resides with reference to a central emanating source. This leads me to wonder if all those "fishing hints" are not another example of the magician’s sleight of hand. Maybe that is hinting to angling or "angular" symbolized by ω.

Riddle: I wave all day and I never tire - what am I ? ans - "flag"

So does Forrest's wave imply flag? Perhaps this is connected to the word that is "key" as explained

#wave #omega #sine #28000 #MobyDickens

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