The "Right Stuff"

Forrest gave an interview KVSF 101.5 the other day and it seemed to cause some panic amongst many searchers. All the hype was around author Andrew Biggs who cleverly snuck in an email ahead of time and Mr. Fenn had two weeks to prepare an answer and he kept to his form and left commenting on another searcher’s solution a mystery.

Initially he made it sound like Mr. Briggs has part of the poem figured out but then Fenn went on to say he couldn’t figure out how to find the treasure after reading the email about his solve. Leaving many seekers wondering what he really meant.

As I have written in my book, Mr. Fenn is like a magician and he will draw your attention with something and use the sleight of hand to hide the true message. Mr. Briggs is the draw but what is the hidden message? If one listens to the interview carefully there were at least three quotes that stuck out:

  • "There are so many people out there that know a little bit about it but not a lot, but there are a few getting close"

  • "Well it doesn't take ... you just have to think the right things ..."

  • “The treasure is there waiting for the right person …”

When he said the “right” person and the “right” things I instantly thought of applying his “listen good” advise and since Mr. Fenn was a fighter pilot I thought of two applicable things:

The Wright brothers which could be a hint to flying, and

The “Right Stuff” which is what the astronaut program was looking for in fighter pilots when they were recruiting astronauts in the 1960s during Fenn’s prime fighter pilot days.

I have gone into great detail in my book of how the Apollo program is linked to a major hint by Mr. Fenn, but the “Right Stuff” is worth another look. For those who are familiar with the book and movie of the same name, have they considered from Forrest’s author perspective? Who is it that wrote that book? I will leave that for you as homework! (wink wink)

But do the Wright brothers and the "right stuff" Apollo program have anything in common? Sure they do! A brave astronaut named Neil Armstrong took a wooden piece from the orginal "Wright Flyer" to the moon on Apollo 11 the first lunar landing. This gives an interesting interpretation to "brave and in the wood." The plaque that they left read:


Which coinciedntally matches the words in the poem "go in peace."

One last final remark about the interview and Mr. Fenn’s pattern of hinting: Anything Forrest repeats is a pattern worth examining. Note that he repeated once again the clue “more that 300 miles west of Toledo” but this time it didn’t come across as a joke. For those who have followed my blog will know immediately the significance of that clue.

Finally the comment that should have really got the attention of searchers but were distracted by Forrest’s sleight of hand…

"There are so many people out there that know a little bit about it but not a lot, but there are a few getting close”

This comment was in response to the “word that is key”; a few are getting close yet many did not understand the significance of that statement. I wonder who Fenn believes has the “right stuff?”

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