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This popular post has been moved to the searcher's blog.


Treasure hunting and charities do not mix well. For years I was very happy to give away my ideas freely in hopes that it will help searchers find the treasure. When I stepped back from the chase, I felt good that my hard work might help someone solve the poem.

Over the past year, I have seen the worst of the treasure hunt surface. Mr. Fenn has even gone to court to get a restraining order for one searcher. I myself have come under attack by a band of crazies, which for the most part, I do not mind as I can dish it out, so I can certainly expect to take it in return.

However there is a clear line between debate and competition and going after the charity they represent. I wrote a book Finding Forrest Fenn and I donated all revenue to the cancer research. A vast majority of the searchers are good people and appreciate and support my efforts.

Unfortunately there are a few bad apples that will continue to attack my motives and the stop at nothing to discredit my efforts to support The Terry Fox Organization. I even reached out to one individual and politely asked him to stop attacking the charity and it just seemed to accelerate his agenda. It really is sad. So in order to separate the fund raising from the treasure hunt, I have created separate websites. I have created a searchers blog for those who are interested in my ideas and support cancer research. I am in the process of converting to a blog that focuses on the promotion of cancer research and to promote treasure hunter safety. I will also occasionally talk about gold fever and how it can't effect searchers in a negative way.

I hope everyone understands and I encourage all searchers to promote peace within the research community. Of course there is always room for a little light-hearted jabs, but for those who have difficulty accepting responsibility and need someone to blame for their frustration that this treasure hunt can bring, stop burning Mr. Fenn's and my books and please just blame it on The Wolf here or here.

Thank you to all who have supported cancer research.

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