My Final at Bat,The Home Run

As Lee Iacocca said when he retired, “When it is your last turn at bat it sure is nice to hit a home run.” That is what I believe I have done with my final solution. Although I will be retired when the trove can be retrieved it was very rewarding to develop and share this solution.

I am checking out of the chase to pursue a lifelong passion. The study of space and the universe. I may have flown my last rescue mission in the C-130 last night, I will cherish the memorable times I had serving and helping Canadians.

I leave the chase with one last solution but with a twist – a prediction. We have always wondered if the correct solution was presented prior to knowing it is the correct one, would it be recognized as such. This could be a rare Opportunity to test that thesis.

I developed a concept called “poem before book” in my book “Finding Forrest Fenn.” For those who own it, this solution is an application of that model that I hope you will find interesting and will serve as a guide to fine tune your solution.

Too many feel Fenn’s memoir is too much of a distraction but my “Poem before Book” strategy can keep the seeker on track by ensuring the poem remains the master.

The poem contains nine clues that are contiguous and must be followed in order. I will not number the clues but rather follow the directions contained within the nine clues. I used the entire poem and almost every word as evidence to describe and prove the facts that support the clues and I used almost every word in the poem to build this solution. This solution follows a theme that flows from clue to clue and explains the great Fenn circle proposed by TS Eliot and explains what “it” is and how to use “it” to find the treasure.

Before I begin it is important to note stanza six tells us how to read the poem. The most important instruction is to “listen good” and thus I strongly believe hearing the words is more important that the actual spelling.

I would like to thank all that have donated or purchased my book "Finding Forrest Fenn" and supporting cancer research, you are making a difference.

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