Continental Divide - no place for the meek

In my book and many of my initial posts, I was quite vocal against the continental divide (CD) as a source of where warm waters halt, because it was almost impossible to determine a start point since the continental divide or CD ran down the middle of the Rocky mountains. The CD is basically the backbone of North America where on one side, the water drains to the Pacific Ocean and the other side it drains to the Atlantic. The word “backbone” is stressed by Seeker and has said no backbone or spine means meek. So is it possible that “no place for the meek” could be the continental divide?

Forrest made this suspicious post one day on Dal’s blog:

“Some men are a little secretive about their age also – like Dal, so I would never embarrass him by saying. But he’s 20 + 9 – 7 x 3 + 13 – 6 + 8 + 8”

Another one of Forrest’s jokes again, but wait didn’t we learn something from his last joke? Logically, what mathematical operator is missing from that equation? “/“ or divide. So is Forrest hinting at the continental divide? Maybe “Me in the Middle” has more to it that just a title.

Update to this theory: The phone puzzle given to a searcher by Fenn also has the word divide written out where the other operators are mathimatical symbols, hinting to Continental Divide.

Maybe you are not convinced by these two pieces of information and need more proof. Fair enough. Mr. Fenn is a cowboy, he where a cowboy hat and road horses as a child. Surely this must connect to the treasure somehow. There is a cowboy poet/song writer named Gary Mcmahon who wrote a song called A Cowboyin' Day, which contains the lyrics:

His saddle’s no place for the meek or the green;

He’s a sho-nuff rip-snortin’ cowboyin’ machine.

And the place that you’re headed is pretty intense;

Continental Divide is the back fence.

These are powerful words because Gary uses the exact line in the Fenn poem and links it to the continental divide. What is more important is he provides the answer to the where on the continental divide that is no place for the meek and that answer is the saddle. Find the saddle and you have no place for the meek.

Forrest’s “Important Literature” chapter he writes about going to Borders to find out how to write a memoir. So what you ask? Forrest published and is a long time customer of Collected Works Bookstore, so doesn’t it seem odd that he goes to Borders? Not unless it is one of those aberrations. The continental divide and Canada (see home of Brown post) are border related and now have a little more momentum.

This begs the question, if the treasure if hidden on a border, which side can claim ownership. Maybe Forrest did think of everything.

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