The Pluto New Horizon connection

On July 14 I plan to release my book Finding Forrest Fenn. Why did I pick this date to release the book? Well, my book took a very symbolic approach to solving Forrest Fenn's poem that leads to a million dollar treasure. After nearly ten years of space travel in our solar system, NASA's New Horizons space probe will reach the last of the once classified planets - Pluto and its main moon, Charon.

Mr. Fenn hinted about dancing and in particular, dancing with the stars. Pluto is considered a Kuiper belt object, which consists of icy bodies at the edge of our solar system, once thought to be the origin of comets. Read and find out how comets provide a unique and never been discovered link to my solution. Pluto's mysterious heart may be symbolic to finding the heart of the treasure's location.

Read more at:!books/cnec

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