Finding Forrest Fenn 

In 1988, at age fifty-eight, the eccentric millionaire and former art gallery owner, Forrest Fenn was diagnosed with kidney cancer and given a twenty percent chance to live three years. Determined not to simply go away after reluctantly accepting his fate, he carefully hatched a scheme to take his treasure and head out into the mountains north of Santa Fe to die. Against all odds, he managed to defeat the cancer and at eighty years of age he kept his promise, hid the treasure and wrote a poem describing the mystical location.


Shot down twice, this retired Vietnam War fighter pilot and self taught archeologist has learned one of life’s most important lessons; his history and special secrets are contained within the 850 year old treasure chest. He has boldly dared anyone to take up his challenge to go out and find the treasure chest. 


If you have ever dreamed of treasure hunting and wondered about the mystery and intrigue; this book will bring you along with The Wolf and his wolfpack on an exciting adventure and their quest for Forrest Fenn's hidden $2 million treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.


Experience the resonating emotions from failure to triumph through each adventure with The Wolf and his mission to understand the man behind the treasure and his ultimate quest to discover Forrest Fenn's secret.

This 132 page book provides realistic insight into the mind of a searcher and explains how gold fever can lead to risky undertakings.

Finding Forrest Fenn - the book