Who is Brown? Mary Brown

Updated: Jun 14

Who is Brown? Research has led me to believe that the answer to that question is Mary, Mary Brown. Where is her home, St. John Newfoundland.  That is right, the story of Mr. Fenn and and that flight from Newfoundland is an important hint. I know, where does it say that in the poem? Well, the hint of "new and old," is where it starts. "New" is in the poem and so is "found" as in "if you have been wise and found the blaze."  Thus New-Found-land.

I have often said Canada is the home of Brown, but where in Canada is her actual home? St John's, that is, according to their slogan,  the home of Mary Brown's chicken and taters.  The franchise was started in 1969, the year that Apollo 11 landed on the moon and the store has been proudly associated with the moon landing. 

There is an abundance of chicken associated hints in Mr. Fenn's writings, but the one in his memoire is "Finally we’d just grab a bunch of feathers and jerk as best we could. Mom was world-class at frying chicken and my sister June always helped." Mary Brown's chicken claims to make world famous fried chicken and it is the home of Brown or should I say "The home of Mary Brown's chicken and taters" as their slogan says.

The convincing part of this hint is June, Forrest's sister.  June was born on the 24th of June, which happens to be Saint John the Baptist Day. St John's the city is named after Saint John the Baptist. It is important to know that Mr. Fenn was born and raised a Baptist.

The significance of June 24 or 6/24 is in the poem and why Mr. Fenn chose 6 stanzas and 24 lines and was recently highlighted at Mysterious Writings featured question about why the poem has 24 lines. Further, Mr. Fenn's answer "No Martha, it does not. You are overcooking the poem. f"  through the "overcooking" hinting to fried chicken and Martha meaning "The Lady" as in Lady of the Rockies (Mary).  Martha was the sister of Mary of Bethany. 

I know you are all wondering if I fell off my rocker because the treasure is not in Canada. That is correct the treasure is not in Canada, but I suggest that we take the answer to who Brown is and her home, we then "Mary" the clue to a map in the correct search state.

And if you ever wondered why Mr. Fenn told Dal, "C'mon now dal, admit it, someone is putting maryjuanain your Pablum?," Now you know.

There are many Mary hints but from two of his books, he changed Mary's name to Grandma in the THE TOTEM CAFÉ CAPER chapter and in too far to walk, he was pictured next to Mary M on the grave stone. No Place for Old Biddies is a very convincing hint if you believe his hints are in the title of each chapter because a "biddy " is actually a young chicken. If one looks at the big picture (below), this biddy is at Our Lady of the Rockies. Is the chest hidden there? I wrote about how the chest contents could be hints in my book Finding Forrest Fenn and those two large gold nuggets were repeatedly said to be larger than a "hens egg."

Other chicken related references include:

The Iron Rooster of Santa Fe County

Well, here’s Rooster

SEARCHING FOR MONEY GALORE "he wants the chicken" with the famous ΩΩ

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