200 feet vs 500 feet

Once again the 200 foot reference surfaced in Mr. Fenn's last set of 6 Questions on Mysterious Writings. I have talked a lot about 200 feet and close before and if you recall, I think close means number of clues solved, since the most anyone has ever solved was 2 clues when a 200 foot searcher emerged. That is still a lot of clues to solve even if that was the same person (which I do not believe).

Since Mr. Fenn gave us the big hint recently about flying at 200 feet, I will explain what I think he means by 200 vs. 500 feet. In flying terms, when on approach for landing on an instrument approach, 200 feet above ground level (AGL) is a precision approach and 500 feet AGL is a non-precision approach. He said only one or two people have been within 200 feet, so I interpret that to mean they were precise with their method in solving while the non-precision searchers (500 footers) where likely there by chance.

I really think the significance of the 200 foot reference is that flying is required to look at the big picture as I demonstrated with my solution. The clue 3 put in below the home of Brown is at an airport or more precisely an F-86 Sabre jet at the airport. Perhaps others out there can "put in" to port or air-port for their home of Brown.

One final remark. Forrest said he enjoyed flying at 200 feet into the teeth of the Rockies. That is quite thrilling to fly that low but it is illegal and the only time you are authorized to fly that low is for take off and landing. He also mentioned that he lost an engine twice but was lucky enough to land at an airport nearby. The use of "landing" supports my theory between the 200 and the 500 feet but it also suggests an airport is nearby or required to solve the poem. When Mr. Fenn answered the question about zooming in with Google Earth, to his secret spot, he replied, "I have zoomed into the hiding place several times but I wasn’t looking for the treasure." notice he did not mention google Earth, the "zoomed in" could be referring to zooming in with a jet plan. A Sabre jet or maybe a Super Sabre. A Super Sabre is like a giant Excalibur. Something to think about.

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