Many wonder who the mystery writer of www.wherewarmwatershalt.com that captivated the search scene for over a year a couple of years ago. Some searchers waited up all night on 15 Aug 2015 to see the countdown clock reach zero and revealed ... well really nothing. The website is back with a nice photo to keep the searchers guessing.

This is a close up of the mystery building that is designed to keep everyone guessing its location and meaning. It won't be long before the location is revealed in the public, so I decided to reward the dedicated readers of my blog searchers with that location. This photos is taken from Cripple Creek, CO, a gold mining town with a HO scaled railroad. This photo is of the Fire Station. What is more interesting is the special date this photo was published on the internet.

Cripple Creek Fire Station

Cripple Creek Fire Station and City Hall.

As to the meaning of this and why the long hiatus, stay tuned...

Update: well the searchers are getting better out there. They have figured out the location but can they understand the meaning?


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