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Finding Forrest Fenn - book release

The book Finding Forrest Fenn released 14 July, 2015.  All revuene will be donated to cancer research.

Thank you all for you support


The website will cease within one month.  I would like to thank all who have given to cancer research. I hope you enjoyed my book and my blog. I will continue to donate all revenue received from book sales to the Terry Fox Foundation after the website is terminated. Your contributions have made a difference. 




Donations reach nearly $4000 as of May 25, 2017


Congratulations to all who have donated to either the Canadian Cancer Society or the Terry Fox Foundation. A total of $3925.63 was rasied for cancer research through your kind donations and sales of my book Finding Forrest Fenn.


Finding Forrest Fenn 3rd Edition released 1 July, 2017


The Wolf released the 3rd Edition of Finding Forrest Fenn with an updated the checklist for verifying solutions to 71 checkpoints and added treasure hunter safety tips. All revenue collected will continue to be donated to the Terry Fox Organization. For more information click here.