About The Wolf


The Wolf grew up as a farm boy from Alameda, Saskatchewan and is an avid Roughrider fan (mandatory for all residents of Saskatchewan). He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with Advanced Degree in Computer Science. He has furthered his education acquiring a BA in Economics from the University of Manitoba and  a Masters in Physics (Space Science) from the Royal Military College of Canada.


He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in the late 1980s as a search and rescue pilot flying the Labrador helicopter. He has extensive experience working in the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre and the SARSAT program. The Wolf has over 3000 hours commanding the CC-130 Hercules in the SAR role and he was a test pilot on both the Labrador and CC-130. He has flown over 200 search and rescue missions. 


After receiving his pilot wings, The Wolf was diagnosed with melanoma, which has an extremely low survival rate if not detected early.  The Wolf's has never forgotten his good fortune and has written a book about his family's adventures in search for the Forrest Fenn hidden treasure, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.


All revenue raised through the sale of his book is donated towards cancer research.