"The Wolf has hit a home run. This is a tightly told tale of searching for Forrest’s treasure that made me laugh and gasp. I don’t see how you can do better than that."


"I’ve read more than one adventure about searching for Forrest’s treasure. The Wolf's is on top. If you wonder how people can possibly figure out the clues or how the book and the poem intersect in many searcher’s minds…this book will enlighten you."

"I definitely consider it a 'Fenn Treasure' found! Absolutely and Totally Captivating!  I loved it!


Logical and well thought out 'solutions', which offer valuable thoughts, methods, and insights to readers, make it a must read for any one working on Fenn's hunt (or any other for that matter)."

Jenny Kile - Mysterious Writing.com

Dal Neitzel - Author/Treasure hunter

"I like the way you think. It was entertaining and thought provoking"

" I just read Wolf’s great story about his search and wished I had been out there with him chasing around the rocks. Reading it reminded of the Carl Smith’s song “I over looked an orchid while searching for a rose.” Wolf makes me feel good about my book and hiding the treasure. f”

Forrest Fenn - Author and Treasure Hunt Designer